Jan Frans Cantre woodcuts for sale

Belgian, 1886-1931

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Marketplace (Markt) -  CANTRE

Marketplace (Markt)
Woodcut, 1922, edition 32. 14 1/4 x 13 in. Signed in the block. Signed, titled and dated in pencil. This is a fine impression printed on thin Japanese paper. The margins are wide and the condition is very good apart from a soft wrinkle here and there. This large work is exemplary of Belgian expressionist printmaking during the 1920s. Cantre studied in Gent (1897-1905) and was a founding member of of l'Association des Xylographes Belges. His work is in many print cabinets througout western Europe. (He is the older brother of Jozef Cantre.)

The Village (Le Village) -  CANTRE

The Village (Le Village)
Woodcut printed in two colors, 1924, edition 32. 6 1/2 x 6 1/8 in. Signed, dated, titled and numbered in pencil. Here we have a fine impression with full margins. The condition is excellent. Cantré was the eldest brother of Jozef Cantré. He studied in Ghent and was a founding member of l'Association des Xylographes (woodcuts) and he was also a member of La Gravure Originale Belge. Cantré excelled in expressionist style woodcuts and this is a nice example of his work. Woodcut, in general, flourished in Belgium in the 1920s and 1930s and many of the prints from the time appeared in book and portfolio format, often unsigned.

Vieilles Maisons -  CANTRE

Vieilles Maisons
Woodcut printed in two colors, undated (1920s), edition 32. 6 3/8 x 6 3/8 in. Signed and titled in pencil. A fine impression with full margins. Excellent condition. Other similar woodcuts are currently available.

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