Charles-Francois Daubigny etchings for sale

French, 1817-1878

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Field of Sheep, Morning (Parc a Moutons, Le Matin) -  DAUBIGNY

Field of Sheep, Morning (Parc a Moutons, Le Matin)
Etching, 1860, Melot D95 (iii/IV); edition unknown. 8 5/8 x 14 3/4 in. Signed with the printed signature, lower left. This is a fine, luminous, lifetime impression with very wide margins. The condition is quite good other than minor staining on the extreme left edge of the sheet and a soft wrinkle in the upper right corner margin. This major work was printed by Delatre and published by the Societe des Aquafortistes, September, 1862. The blindstamp of the publisher, Cadart & Chevalier, is in the lower margin, center. There are later impressions (without letters) which were printed subsequent to this one and are far less desireable. This is an exemplary work by Daubigny and one of his largest etchings.

The Banks of the Cousin -  DAUBIGNY

The Banks of the Cousin
Etching, 1850-1851, Melot D69 (v/V), edition unknown. 7 1/2 x 5 3/4 in. Signed in the plate and with the reference to the printer, Delâtre, to the right. This is a fine impression printed on chine applique. The margins have been trimmed but measure roughly one inch around. (There's a small spot of foxing above the image at right.) This appealing print is from one of two albums of etchings, this being plate # 3 from the first set. Some impressions of this final state have Delâtre's address and some do not. Some bear the number three in the upper right and, once again, some do not. This impression is from the collection of Jules Gerbeau (Lugt 1166).

The Studio on the Boat (Le Bateau-Atelier) -  DAUBIGNY

The Studio on the Boat (Le Bateau-Atelier)
Etching, 1861, Melot 111, Delteil 111 (ii/II); edition unknown. 4 15/16 x 7 1/8 in. Signed in the plate, lower left, and with Delatre, Paris, as printer, lower right. This is a fine impression as published in the Gazette des Beaux-Arts (1874). The margins are full. The condition is excellent. This self-portrait is arguably the best print from the series "Voyage en Bateau" ('The Boat Trip'), (Delteil 99-115) and an iconic image from 19th century French "plein air" printmaking. Melot references a third state but does not explain it.

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