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French, 1804-1866

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Edmond and Jules de Goncourt -  GAVARNI

Edmond and Jules de Goncourt
Lithograph, 1853, Armelhault & Bocher 81 (ii/III); edition unknown. 7 5/8 x 6 3/8 in. Signed on the stone with the printed signature. This is a fine impression printed on chine appliqué. The margins are wide and possibly full. The condition is excellent. This is plate one from the series of nine portraits, Meisseurs du Feuilleton, and was published under the title of Masques et Visages for "Paris, Journal non politique". Ex-collection: SPB (Dr. Samuel Perkins Bailey, not in Lugt). Impressions of this print are located in the Metropolitan Museum in NY and the British Museum.

Le Manteau d'Arlequin (Plate 6) -  GAVARNI

Le Manteau d'Arlequin (Plate 6)
Lithograph, 1851, Armelhault & Boucher 1157 (i/III); total edition unknown. 7 1/2 x 6 3/8 in. Unsigned. This is a fine "sur blanc" impression with wide margins. The condition is good. (There is staining here and there and a repaired tear at the top, outside of the image.) This is an exceedingly rare proof impression of plate six from the series of twelve prints published in 1852. Our impression is stamped "Depose" and "Lith Lemercier MODELE." The text for the plate is handwritten in ink. Proofs as such are extremely rare today and help provide insights into the pre-publication steps involved with popular, mid 19th century French lithography. This print is from the collection of Albert Maroni (Lugt 150b). His passion for early French lithographs is well-documented.

Les Partageuses (Plate 9) -  GAVARNI

Les Partageuses (Plate 9)
Lithograph, 1851, Armelhault & Bocher 1444, (i/II); edition unknown. 7 1/2 x 6 3/8 in. Unsigned. This is a fine "sur blanc" impression with wide margins. The condition is good. There's a paper loss in the top margin and marginal stains and discoloration from handling and improper storage early on. This very rare proof impression is stamped "Depose" and "Lith Lemercier, MODELE." Text for this print is hand-written below the image with the number "9" in two places indicating the number of this image in the series (which was published in Paris in 1852.) Furthermore, the work is signed in ink at top by Gavarni, "bon a tirer, Gavarni." Ex-collection: Albert Maroni (Lugt 150b). Working proofs such as this one are elusive and rarely appear on the market.

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