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Auction Barn -  NESBITT

Auction Barn
Lithograph, 1989, Retif/Salzar 37, edition 250. 17 x 12 1/2 in. Signed, titled and numbered in pencil. This is a superb impression with full margins. The condition is fine. This exceptional work was inspired by Benton and his strong sense of design. Apparently, Nesbitt and Benton visited the barn on one of their sketching trips. Nesbitt also produced an egg tempera painting which is now in the collection of the University of Missouri. The barn is/was located outside of Independence, Missouri. The printer was Wayne Kline.

Casting - Blast Furnace -  NESBITT

Casting - Blast Furnace
Lithograph, 1951, Retif/ Salzer 31, edition 70. 11 3/16 x 16 in. Signed, titled and dated in pencil. A fine impression on ivory wove paper. The margins are full and the condition is fine. (There's a soft vertical crease in the margin at right, well apart from the image.) "This is one of the best industrial pieces I've ever done; it's just got more sock to it." The location is the Sheffield Steel Plant in Houston, TX.

November Evening -  NESBITT

November Evening
Etching, 1946, Retif/Salzer 25, AAA 818; edition 250. 8 3/4 x 11 3/4 in. Signed and titled in pencil. This is a fine, rich impression printed on a sturdy wove paper. The margins are full and the condition is excellent. This memorable print was published in Albert Reese's American Prize Prints of the 20th Century. It was awarded the Eames Prize in 1946 by the Society of American Etchers as well as a purchase prize from the Library of Congress. The scene depicted was in Arkansas and Nesbitt was sketching along this road with Benton. This scenario provided the basis for the etching and also a painting of the same subject.

October Afternoon -  NESBITT

October Afternoon
Etching, 1946, Retif / Salzer 26, AAA 930; edition 250. 9 3/4 x 13 5/8 in. Signed and titled in pencil This is a superb, luminous impression with the full margins. Excellent condition. The setting is a sorghum mill near Liberty, Missouri. The artist considered this to be his best, early print. It was published by AAA in 1947.

Ozark Bridge -  NESBITT

Ozark Bridge
Etching, 1941, Retif / Salzer 20; edition 250. 11 3/4 x 9 1/2 in. Signed and titled in pencil. This is a fine impression with wide margins. The condition is excellent. This exemplary work was designed on a sketching trip in Arkansas with Thomas Hart Benton and two other artists. This work was published by Associated American Artists but a few impressions were also printed by the artist. This is one of those as it shows his signature and date on the plate in the extreme lower left corner.

The Spirit of Butler -  NESBITT

The Spirit of Butler
Etching, 1940, Retif/Salzer 19; edition 100. 13 x 10 1/8 in. Signed and titled in pencil, and, with the inscription, "The Butler Mfg. Company Spirit." This is a fine impression of this extremely rare print. We've never seen it for sale and there are no auction records for it. Butler was run by Swedes and the sitter, Swen, is surrounded by the products made by the Company. This is an exemplary work depicting the American industrial scene circa 1940. The margins are full and the condition is fine apart from faint discoloration in the lower right margin corner.

Twelve Inch Mill -  NESBITT

Twelve Inch Mill
Etching, 1948, Retif / Salzer 28; edition 70. 10 1/4 x 14 in. Signed and dated in pencil, lower right. This is a fine impression in fine condition. The margins are full. The scene depicted is at the Sheffield Steel Company in Kansas City.

Watering Place -  NESBITT

Watering Place
Etching, 1939, Retif/Salzer 18, edition 250. 12 1/4 x 9 5/8 in. Signed in the plate. Signed and titled in pencil. This is a fine impression in very good condition. The margins are full. This work was published by Associated American Artists, New York. Nesbitt learned etching from John de Martelly and Thomas Hart Benton was a friend and mentor.

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