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American, 1881-1971

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From Hillside Gardens -  BAUMANN

From Hillside Gardens
Woodcut printed in colors, 1941-46, Chamberlain 162, edition 83. 12 3/4 x 12 5/8 in. Signed, numbered and titled in pencil. This is a fine, vibrant impression of the second of two printings. The margins are wide. The condition is fine apart from a very faint suggestion of toning in the margins. The first printing (1941) was generally with a silver leaf background and here in the second printing (1946), the background color is silver ink. The inspiration for this lovely print was a garden at Hillside, Lydia Coonley Ward's home in Wyoming, New York. (Note: This is a Baumann replica frame of exceptional quality. We had it made up for this print.)

Punch Hunting Chipmunks -  BAUMANN

Punch Hunting Chipmunks
Woodcut printed in colors, 1925, Total edition 345. 9 1/2 x 11 in. Signed and titled in pencil. This is a superb impression from the 1936 printing of 125 impressions. The condition is fine. The margins are wide and probably uncut. (There are a few subtle breaks along the margin at right but they were probably there to begin with. There were three editions of this print; 100, 120 and 125. This work is not especially common today. Punch was the name of Baumann's dog.

San Geronimo (Taos, New Mexico) -  BAUMANN

San Geronimo (Taos, New Mexico)
Woodcut printed in colors, 1924, edition 125. 7 1/8 x 6 in. Signed, numbered and titled in pencil. This is a superb, luminous impression printed on Baumann's hand-in-heart laid paper. The margins are full and the condition is fine. (There's a very faint suggestion of toning within the original mat opening.) San Geronimo was first published in Baumann's New Mexico portfolio in 1924 in an edition of 100. Our impression is from the second edition of 125 printed about 1931. This stellar work is illustrated on the cover of Clinton Adams' seminal 1991 publication, Printmaking in New Mexico, 1880-1990.

Talaya Peak (New Mexico) -  BAUMANN

Talaya Peak (New Mexico)
Woodcut printed in colors, 1926, edition 100. 9 1/8 x 10 7/8 in. Signed, titled and numbered in pencil. This is a superb, luminous, early impression printed on a light tan wove paper which was a favorite of the artist. The margins are wide. The condition is quite good apart from discoloration at the extreme top edge of the top margin. This was a very popular print for Baumann but today for some reason it is rather rare. Our impression is from the first edition before the addition of the wagon in the foreground. The second edition has stamped numbers (100 impressions) and there was a third edition of 120 and even another in the works (90 impressions from an intended edition of 125). Six impressions are located in museum collections. Our impression is in the original Baumann designed frame which is in very good condition overall. Talaya Peak is near Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Our thanks to Gala Chamberlain for assisting us in cataloging this print.)

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