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British, 1883-1908 & 1883-1957

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Peacocks (Oblong Plate) -  DETMOLD

Peacocks (Oblong Plate)
Etching, 1905, Dodgson 8, edition unknown. 3 1/8 x 6 1/2 in. Signed in pencil by Edward, lower right, and signed in pencil lower left, M.D. (by) E.J.D. This is a fine impression in fine condition with full margins. The paper is a cream-colored Japanese paper. This collaborative etching by the twins is the companion piece for Dodgson 10. Very few impressions were printed in 1905 and this one dates from the 1920s when Edward reprinted a small edition and signed both their names. (Maurice died in 1908). Their work was very much in demand at the time and even today the Detmold etchings have many admirers.

Peacocks (upright plate) -  DETMOLD

Peacocks (upright plate)
Etching, 1905, Dodgson 10 (vi/VI); small edition. 7 1/4 x 4 1/2 in. Signed in pencil by Edward and also initialed M.D.(by) E.J.D. This is a fine impression published in the 1920s by the Sloane Gallery, London. The paper is a sturdy cream-colored Japanese paper with wide margins. The condition is very good other than a very faint suggestion of toning within a previous mat opening. Both artists worked on the plate but very few impressions were printed in 1905. Maurice (Charles M.) died tragically in 1908. Only ten etchings were produced by the twins where they both etched the plate. They are quite remarkable prints and not very common.

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