Sprokkelend Kind (Young Girl Gathering Sticks) - JAN TOOROP

Medium: drypoint

Sprokkelend Kind (Young Girl Gathering Sticks) - JAN TOOROP - drypoint

Dutch, (1858-1928)

Drypoint, 1899, Verbeek/Rijksmuseum 47 (iii/III), edition unknown. 6 1/16 x 7 3/8 in. Signed and dated in the plate. Signed in ink lower right (the signature is a bit faint as is often the case with Toorop's prints.) This is a very good impression with plate tone and with traces of burr in the water and on her legs and hair. Printed on a smooth cream Japanese paper, the margins are wide and probably full. The third state shows just the suggestion of the girl at right who had been added in state two. Boats and clouds are also added in the third state along the horizon line. The print is now signed and dated in the plate. This charming print was done along the Dutch coast at Katwijk aan Zee.      $5,500

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