Animal Studies (Dierstudies) - THEO VAN HOYTEMA

Medium: lithographs

Animal Studies (Dierstudies) - THEO VAN HOYTEMA - lithographs

Dutch, (1863-1917)

Lithographs, 1898, Rijksmuseum / de Groot 84-90 (i/II); edition unknown. Each image is about 16 1/2 x 13 in. (sheet size 27 3/4 x 18 5/8 in.) Each print is signed on the stone and bears the printed number below in the lower right corner, 1-6. This is the very rare complete set of six lithographs plus the title page (which shows small, beautifully drawn lithographic vignettes relating to the six prints.) Published in a cloth-wrapped portfolio with leather spine, the cover is embossed with the title in a small art nouveau style vignette, upper right. The impressions are all fine and are printed on chine appliqué (except the frontispiece). The margins are full. The upper left corners of the sheets are slightly bent and the plates have assorted degrees of foxing in the support sheets only. This varies from sheet to sheet and is very typical of the prints we've had from this set over the years. This iconic series is often considered the high point of Hoytema's achievements in lithography. The two best know works; Five Angora Rabbits and Two White Egrets, are both printed with embossing. This complete set is from the collection of Simon Moulijn (1866-1948), also a well know Dutch lithographer (Lugt 1849a). (Each sheet bears his stamp in the lower right corner.) We have not seen a complete Dierstudies set for sale in about ten years.      PRICE ON REQUEST

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