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Dutch, 1896-1978

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Boarders (Kostgangers) -  DIJKSTRA

Boarders (Kostgangers)
Woodcut, 1924-25, DeVries H25 (ii/II); edition unknown. 6 1/8 x 8 3/8 in. Signed in pencil. This is a fine impression printed on white wove paper. The margins are full and the condition is excellent. Dijkstra studied at the Academie Minerva in Groningen and from 1920-21 he studied at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. He was one of the founders of de Ploeg, the Dutch group of expressionist printmakers and painters.

De Zichter  (Harvester) -  DIJKSTRA

De Zichter (Harvester)
Woodcut, 1924-25, edition unknown. 28 3/4 x 20 1/2 in. Signed in pencil and also inscribed "handdruck." A fine impression in very good condition. There are a few small printing creases showing mostly in the wide margins. The block for this large work was cut in 1924-25 and very few impressions were taken. This is from the second printing in 1957-58 with the addition of "handdruk" in pencil. Some later impressions are known which were printed on thin paper and without the added inscription. Dijkstra was a founding member of the Groningen art society known as "De Ploeg." This Dutch expressionist movement was inspired by Kirchner, among others.

Sleeping Landworkers (Slapende Landarbeiders) -  DIJKSTRA

Sleeping Landworkers (Slapende Landarbeiders)
Woodcut, 1924, DeVries H10; edition unknown. 5 1/4 x 3 3/4 in. Signed in pencil. Printed by the artist "eigendr..." This is a fine impression printed on study wove paper. The margins are substantial. The condition is very good apart from marginal specks here and there. According to de Vries, the block was printed for the cover of the de Ploeg exhibition catalogue from 1924. This is a signed proof before publication. (Words were added below the image in typography by H.N. Werkman.)

Street Scene with Lady in a Hat -  DIJKSTRA

Street Scene with Lady in a Hat
Woodcut, circa 1925-27, edition unknown but quite small. 20 1/2 x 15 in. Signed in pencil lower right and inscribed 'epreuve," lower left. This is a superb, early impression printed on tan paper. The margins are substantial and the condition is fine. Dijkstra was a founding member of the Dutch expressionist movement known as "De Ploeg," (The Plow) which was established in Groningen in 1918. Indeed, expressionism was international. Dijkstra, along with Jan Wiegers, Jan Altink and others, were keenly aware of the German contingent of the expressionist movement and Wiegers became very close friends with Kirchner while he was living in Davos, Switzerland. Dutch expressionism is often overlooked but it represents an integral part of early 20th century Dutch artistic heritage. The Groninger Museum today possesses a large collection of prints, drawings and paintings by these artists. This is an exceptional and rare woodcut certainly printed in a very small edition. Dijkstra's best work, as seen here, clearly reflects the influence of Kirchner but also shows an artist with his own compelling vision. De Ploeg prints were printed in small editions due to the rather limited audience at the time.

Suburbs (Buitenwijk) -  DIJKSTRA

Suburbs (Buitenwijk)
Woodcut printed in yellow and black, 1923, De Vries H5, edition unknown. 14 x 21 1/8 in. Signed and dated in ink. Inscribed in pencil "eigen druk" (printed by hand). This is a superb impression of this large, outstanding Dutch expressionist woodcut. The margins are full. The condition is very good. (The artist carefully added a small cutout paper patch, printed in black, onto the image to the left of center. The pressure of the block and the stickiness of the ink pulled up a small part of the paper in this spot. He was obviously pleased with the impression to have gone to this extent to fix it.) Dijkstra, like Jan Altink, was taught by the non-conformist painter F.H. Bach. Both were founders of the "de Ploeg" movement in Groningen and the two often painted together. They were both in the first de Ploeg show in 1919.

Woodcuts, Ploeg, 1927 (Houtsneden, Ploeg, 1927) -  DIJKSTRA

Woodcuts, Ploeg, 1927 (Houtsneden, Ploeg, 1927)
Woodcut printed in colors, 1927, De Vries p.55, 88; edition unknown. 8 1/4 x 14 7/8 in. Signed with the orange atelier stamp in the lower right corner. This is a fine impression with full margins. The condition is very good apart from a vertical centerfold and minor soiling and stray yellow printer's ink in the bottom margin. The name of the artist appears in the upper right corner as typescript. It seems that in the mid-twenties, the Ploeg artists were discussing the possibility of creating a portfolio of Ploeg prints which could be used as a sort of promotional gift for art dealers, museums etc. They decided to launch a competition for a cover design. According to De Vries, Dijkstra submitted at least two (this being one of them). At the next meeting, however, it turned out that the other members were not very enthusiastic about the idea and the project was eventually abandoned.

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