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British, 1872-1939

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Bird in Flight -  GILES

Bird in Flight
Woodcut with relief etching (?) printed in black and grey, undated, edition unknown. 4 7/8 x 13 1/8 in. Signed in the block with the monogram and signed in pencil, lower right. This is a fine impression of this very rare print. The margins are full. The condition is good other than wrinkling in the margins, left and right edge. This experimental work is hard to describe, technically. Giles was so versatile as an intaglio printmaker and was able to refine his technique to such an extent that it's difficult to figure out exactly how he made many of his prints. He would often combine woodcut with relief etching printed from multiple zinc plates. He was certainly one of the great innovators in color printmaking in England during the first three decades of the 20th century.

Castle on a Hill in Winter -  GILES

Castle on a Hill in Winter
Relief etching printed from multiple zinc plates, circa 1915-20, edition unknown. 12 7/8 x 9 7/8 in. Signed in pencil, lower right, and inscribed "18" in pencil, lower left. This is a fine impression of an uncommon print. The margins are substantial and the condition is quite good. There's a crease in the lower left margin not affecting the image and mild toning in the margins from an early mount. This exceptional color print was probably based on his sketching trips in Denmark, Germany or Sweden. Giles was one of the outstanding students of Frank Morley Fletcher and he excelled in making his sophisticated color prints. Frankly, it is rather difficult to spot the difference between Giles' early woodcuts and the more sophisticated metal relief etchings. The best discussion of his work to date is Malcolm Salaman's 1928 volume, Masters of the Colour Print IV, published by the Studio, London.

Rainbow, Island of Jura (Hebrides) -  GILES

Rainbow, Island of Jura (Hebrides)
Color metal relief etching, circa 1922, edition probably 100. 7 1/2 x 19 3/4 in. Signed in the plate and also signed in pencil. A fine impression; the colors fresh. Full margins; mild foxing show primarily on the verso. Slightly light struck within an earlier mat opening. An exceptional work by this master of the color print.

Sunset on the Coast -  GILES

Sunset on the Coast
Relief etching printed from multiple zinc plates, exact date unknown., edition probably 100. 16 1/8 x 10 1/2 in. Signed in the plate with "WG" and signed in pencil, lower right. This is a superb impression with full margins. The condition is very good apart from faint light toning in the margins. The paper is the typical Giles choice of Japanese medium-weight off white paper. Giles always had a flair for the poetic landscape. This large print is exemplary of what the artist did best; combine sophisticated technique, a bold use of color and a very personal glimpse of a special place. (Note: Our research on the prints of this artist is an ongoing project. We welcome your input about exact titles, dates and any other useful information relative to his work. We actively seek to acquire more work by William Giles.)

The Graveyard -  GILES

The Graveyard
Woodcut with metal relief etching, 1910-20, edition possibly 50. 9 5/8 x 20 in. Signed in the block, lower left. Signed and numbered in pencil. This a very fine impression of this uncommon print. The condition is very good apart from two paper tape hinges on the top margin. Minor rippling along the top of the sheet. Full margins. Technically, Giles was amazing. He did a few pure woodcuts but he also eventually introduced zinc plate relief printing and they are difficult to tell apart. Both techniques are evident in many prints. He was inspired by Frank Morley Fletcher and William Blake. He became president of the Society of Graver Printers in Colour in the mid 1920's.

When Winter Wanes -  GILES

When Winter Wanes
Relief etching printed from multiple zinc plates, circa 1923, edition probably 100. 11 1/8 x 13 3/8 in. Signed in the plate with the monogram "WG" and signed in pencil, lower right. This is a superb impression of this exemplary work. The margins are full and the condition is very good. This print is illustrated on the cover of Fine Prints of the Year; A Complete Illustrated Index 1923-1938 (Wofsy, 2006). It was published by P & D Colnaghi, London, who represented the artist for many years.

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