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British, 1847-1926

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The Sleeping Model (also called, The Sleeper) -  ROUSSEL

The Sleeping Model (also called, The Sleeper)
Etching and drypoint with added color pencil work, 1890-97, Hausberg 145 (iii/V), total recorded printing of only 12. 5 x 7 in. Signed in pencil on the tab and inscribed on the verso, "To Hetty" (by the artist). This is a fine impression of an unrecorded trial proof with extensive additions in colored pencils on the dress, background drapery and couch. Trimmed to the platemark. Fine condition. Hetty Pettigrew was the model for this print. Both Roussel and Whistler worked from her on several occasions.

The Window Cleaner, Chelsea -  ROUSSEL

The Window Cleaner, Chelsea
Etching, 1888-89, Hausberg 24 (ii/II), edition about 31. 8 x 5 1/8 in. Signed on the tab in pencil. A fine impression trimmed along the platemark. Very good condition. Old hinges at the four corners, verso. A tiny nick in the upper left corner, barely noticeable. This endearing print is signed at the top of the print as shown here; cleverly conceived of with Whistler in mind.

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