Het Sluisje Te Edam (The Little Sluice, Edam) - WOJ NIEUWENKAMP

Medium: etching

Het Sluisje Te Edam (The Little Sluice, Edam) - WOJ NIEUWENKAMP - etching

Dutch, (1874-1950)

Etching, 1903-1910, Hubert E78 (ii/III), Nieuwenkamp E 78; edtion 25 in this state. 11 1/4 x 14 3/4 in. Signed, dated (1908) and titled in pencil; also inscribed "√©preuve d'artiste." This is a very good impression of this favorite subject of the artist. The margins are wide and the condition is very good apart from an occasional paper imperfection. The first state was done in 1901(?)-1903; the second in 1904 and the third in 1910. Apart from the twenty-five printed in the second state, there's only one proof of state one and forty-five of the final state. The plate bears the date 1901-1903 in the lower right suggesting an earlier start on this work. This impression is dated 1908 in pencil suggesting it predates state three. States two and three are somewhat difficult to tell apart based on the current literature.       SOLD

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